If you’re an event or wedding planner, your whole business is about organisation. But when so much of your job involves juggling calendars, managing suppliers and dealing with clients, it can be tiresome to deal with your own booking system as well. But what if there was a way for someone else to take care of the nitty gritty details on your behalf?

Thankfully, you don’t need to fork out for an expensive assistant - simply give ibooking a go. An innovative booking management system, ibooking has been specially designed to help your business run smoothly. No more time-consuming back-and-forth between clients - just a simple, accessible interface that allows them to browse, secure and manage their bookings in one place.

Imagine how much you could improve your business when you’re freed from all the hassle of managing your own business! Whether you’re an event or wedding planner just starting out in the industry, or an established company looking to improve the way you do things, ibooking is an easy way to foster an efficient, professional relationship with your clients. And because it’s completely free to sign up, you can find out what we can do for you without forking out a penny.

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