Being a hair and makeup artist is both a challenging and rewarding profession. You get to be there for some of the most important occasions in your clients lives: weddings, proms, birthdays and special occasions. But you also need to juggle a lot of things as well, from managing calendars and dealing with clients to keeping on top of the latest styles and trends. But what if there was an easier way to do things?

At ibooking we’ve developed an innovative booking management system, specially designed to help your business run smoothly. Now, you don’t need to take care of all the small (but important) details yourself - simply direct your clients to our simple, professional interface, where they can browse, secure and manage their bookings all in one place. It’s a completely hassle-free way of navigating your hair and makeup business, freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

Just starting out in the hair and makeup industry? ibooking is a great way to appear slick and professional from the get go. Or perhaps you’re an established company looking to improve the way things are run behind the scenes? Whatever your needs, we’re confident that we can make booking a breeze. And because it’s free to sign up, it costs nothing to find out.

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