Our FAQ's

Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. We understand, no matter how simple a website or platform is - there are always good questions, therefore have compiled a short list of the most popular questions from our customers and businesses.

Customer Our FAQ's

Can I book directly with the businesses listed on your platform?

Yes, of course. In fact we are very happy for you to contact any of the businesses on our platform and book directly with them. If they are showing on our network then they will more than likely be using our system anyway.

Does it cost me anything extra to use your platform?

No it doesn’t.! We do not add any margin to the prices. The businesses enter all their prices and we present them directly to you.

Can I book multiple services through ibooking?

Yes you can. Our platform is linked with thousands of businesses in various sectors. Once you make your first booking with us, we will set up a login area for you, where you will be able to see all your existing bookings as well as past bookings.

Is it cheaper to book direct with the business or ibooking.co.uk?

Prices are exactly the same, whether you book directly through the business or via the ibooking marketplace.

Business FAQ’s

Is there a subscription or monthly cost?

No, there’s no monthly fees or subscription costs. Our system is free to use for businesses, and comes fully loaded with lots of cool features to manage your business.

If your system is free then how do you make money?

We don’t charge businesses to use our system, however if we process any bookings through the ibooking system then we charge a small fee. But if we don’t generate any business for you then you don’t pay anything. There are no monthly fees. View more details about our pricing.

Is there a minimum period contract?

No, there are no commitments. If you don’t wish to use our system, you can walk away at any time. We don’t like our business customers walking away so we will do our best to keep improving our software as we go.

Can I push the online prices to my website?

Yes you can. You can easily connect ibooking to your website so that you can display the online prices directly to your customers. Furthermore, your customers can book on your website using our amazing tool. You do not need any technical knowledge to connect you website however our support team will help you with any technical issues.

General FAQ's

What is ibooking?

ibooking.co.uk is UK based marketplace which allows customers to book a range of services with excellent user experience. Our system is accessed by thousands of businesses that manage all their bookings therefore all bookings via ibooking are managed in one single place.

What locations do you cover in the UK?

We cover nationwide across the UK, therefore we are limited to any location. Some services are limited in some areas however our team are always signing up new businesses all the time to bring as many options to our customers as possible.

What type of services and businesses are available on ibooking?

Ibooking is a booking software for any type of business that needs to manage their bookings. We cover a huge range of industries including hire services such as limo hire, coach & minibus hire, bouncy castle hire, event bookings, mobile beauty services, entertainment bookings, wedding bookings and much more. We are always looking to expand further. If you cannot find the service you require, please get in touch with us.

We hope our FAQ were useful. If you still haven't managed to find an answer, please get in touch with us.


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