UX - User Experience

Why user experience (UX) is crucial for modern businesses

Nothing is more important in modern business nowadays than providing outstanding service to your buyers and giving them a top-notch customer experience. Keeping your loyal patrons as happy as possible will ensure they refer their friends and relatives to your company and buy more from you. So why is User Experience (UX) so important to business nowadays, and how can it increase your customer retention?

In this blog post, let’s jump into the ways in which UX can help you gain more sales and attract more incredible customers! 

Ease of Use

Taking the time to develop a fantastic user interface and providing a great experience can encourage customers to buy time and time again. If it’s straightforward and easy to make a purchase, a customer is more likely to impulsively buy. If your user interface is badly built and complicated, however, your customers and clients might want to buy a product or service of yours, but then think twice while they’re doing it. With a streamlined purchasing model, you can bring in more sales and avoid buyer frustration. Apps like Uber make it really simple and quick to book a service, which massively increases the overall convenience of the service and means customers are more likely to use it whenever they have the need – rather than when they really, really want it. 

Ease of Sharing

When your clients and customers have access to such an easy-to-use platform, they’re much more likely to – and happier to – show it to their friends and relatives. However, if your platform is overcomplicated or outdated, then your customers won’t feel certain in sharing it with other people. Most modern services offer lots of streamlined options for sharing the app, page of service – for example, social sharing buttons that allow the customer to share the service to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any number of other sites. 

Better Results

Customers love it when you solve their problem quickly, efficiently, and effectively. If you can help them jump straight from problem to solution at a good price and without any hassle, they’ll remember your brand name and be quick to jump to your service when they have the problem in the future. For example, file storing and sharing site Dropbox offers an outstanding user experience because they make it really easy to save files and backup, solving problems for hundreds of thousands of people and businesses regularly. By taking their customers from problem to solution reliably and without delay, Dropbox encourages raving fans to spread the news of their software. 

Targeted Marketing

Let’s take ibooking.co.uk as an example. Our site allows you to effectively market and display carefully tailored services to your customers, increasing your marketing efficiency, and increasing your customers’ buying rate. Overall, this helps you cut down on marketing costs and increase net revenue, all while creating a fantastic user experience by delivering the perfect services to your customers. With the best-suited appointment/event for each customer, you’re guaranteed to leave a good taste of your brand behind, which will encourage your clients to book with you again. 

Making Life Simple

The extremely popular business messaging app Slack is a stellar example of making life simple – and they make it better, too. At ibooking, our passion is to follow in similar footsteps as we allow businesses to market their services on our platform and buyers to book the perfect events. While Slack makes it super easy to message people and find the communications that are important to you, at ibooking we make it easy for businesses to tailor services to their clients and for customers to browse options to find the best choice. 

The Perfect Choice

A crucial factor of good user experience is that the client should understand in simple terms exactly what the benefit of your product or service is. It’s much easier to sell more packages and higher-ticket events to clients when they have a desire to buy them and you have outlined why your service is so amazing! Take Nike as an example. Their branding and marketing make it insanely obvious what the benefits of buying their products are. You can apply this to service user experience, by showing your prospects exactly how your service can take them from problem to solution. This is made crazy easy with ibooking, where you can include all the relevant information about your brand and offerings, and what benefits your customers and clients can expect to enjoy!