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How the mobile hair and makeup industry is moving towards online bookings

Cloud booking software is revolutionising the way we do business, especially after the COVID-19 lockdown and its impact on numerous industries. More and more businesses are realising the importance of having a backup plan in case something like this ever happens again, and moving towards more technologically-advanced, online models seems to be the trend here. This is especially true in the mobile hair and makeup industry, which, after the lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus, has had to adapt with mobile appointments and cloud booking.

So, how exactly is the mobile hair and makeup industry using mobile appointments and SaaS to attract new customers and stay thriving, even with coronavirus restrictions? In this blog post, we’ll show how excellent companies like tech startup Glamdeva is innovating to build a better future.

Mobile appointments

For decades, we’ve used in-store visits for beauty appointments and haircuts. This is about to change, though, as demand increases for mobile visits, which allow customers to super easily book their perfect option with the best benefits for them, and have a mobile visit in the local area. Mobile appointments are a way for beauty stores and barbers to stay afloat even when they have to close their stores or enforce inconvenient but necessary safety restrictions.

Let’s review beauty tech startup, Glamdeva

One brilliant example of a business innovating to pave the path to the future of the beauty industry is startup Glamdeva, which is leading the way by offering mobile services that are ridiculously easy to browse, compare and book, with availability times listed and benefits laid out clearly on the table. Glamdeva is such a wonderful platform because it is so versatile, utilizing clean UX (user-experience), and can be used full-time or part-time. Freelancers are using this platform to fill in gaps in their schedules and book appointments when they need the extra cash, while some stylists and businesses are using it full-time as their main source of revenue. It’s great!

Online bookings

Online booking software such as has allowed the mobile hair and makeup industry to quickly transition into said mobile appointment model and migrate their customers to their online platform. This has made it easy for them to get started on the right foot and begin growing and gaining new sales right away. ibooking’s service marketplace allows businesses to reach a huge number of both existing and new customers, and provide excellent offerings with relevant information so that customers can find exactly the choice that suits them.

SaaS solutions are brilliant. It makes it possible for companies to have backup plans and to offer their services in more places than ever before. ibooking cloud software is really easy to use and has allowed the mobile hair and makeup industry to introduce new mobile services and make them popular right away. With good restrictions enforced, these companies can keep running and even reach more people than ever before without any hassle. Glamdeva, for example, is a revolutionary new platform that makes it possible for almost anyone to book incredible hair or makeup services in their local area for extremely affordable prices in a streamlined booking process. No delays, no extortionate prices, just amazing services tailored towards the customer.